Topic 6 - Accessibility

This topic was very revealing for me. As the majority of us don't have to struggle with either any form of disability or the insecurity about our own gender, most of us are certainly not aware of the stated problems. The named approaches all sound very traceable and now that I am aware of the obstacles that many people have to face each day when only wanting to read an article online, I think that all websites should give everyone the opportunity to use the page without sacrifice. It surely isn't easy to take every little adaptation into account, but still I think that we live in such an advanced age that no-one should even have to worry about those obstacles.


Topic 5 - Diversity

I guess for this topic anything you say can be interpreted the wrong way. For me, the turmoil that the colored emojis caused is excessive. I don't understand how people can feel offended by little pictures you can send in the messenger of your choice. In the past, the emojis were all yellow without a choice to customize the skin color. So why should it be racist to be able to select a darker skin tone? White people also got the opportunity to select the white-ish color just then. They don't run around with yellow skin either. I think introducing the color options was totally alright. I mean we are talking about little comic images here. In my eyes it is a fun way to broaden the options people have when using their messengers, nothing more. Bitmoji has even more room for customization. You can even adjust your hair color, your clothes and decide if your avatar should wear glasses or not. For me, it is all about the fun when it comes to those constructed figures. I think people …

Thing 4 - Digital Security

Now this chapter wasn't as revealing for me, as I already check my assigned permissions quite precisely. I only give permissions that I find useful for using a certain app. For my petrol prices app for example, I give access to my current location in order to look up the prices of the nearest gas station whenever I need to refuel. Then again I don't see the point of giving Amazon the permission of my camera. As I already said, I always keep track of the permissions I give, therefore this chapter rather worked as a little reminder for me.


Thing 3 - Digital Footprint

Finding out about my personal digital footprint was very interesting to me. When I google my name, the first things that come up are ceiling lamps, t-shirts and baby beds that apparently all carry the name "Gina". Google wants me to shop these goods in its Shopping section. The pictures that are shown neither belong to me. The following proposals are Facebook and Instagram accounts run by several Gina Weis'. My accounts can also be found in this section. Nevertheless, I've never been a big Facebook person, so there is not much to find on there and my Instagram site is private. Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are also incorporated, but I never signed up on these platforms so the accounts aren't mine. The only thing that could catch somebody's eye that actually is about me, is an article my school published on its website a few years ago where it announces that I won a statewide geography competition. Well, I guess if more people than approximately three would ha…

Diving into 23Things

I'm starting off the 23Things program @23ThingsEdUni by completing things three to six today. Let's see how this goes.